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Dari Abu Hurairah r.a meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah SAW bersabda: Seorang mukmin selepas kematiannya akan terus mendapat ganjaran daripada amal kebaikannya iaitu melalui ilmu yang dipelajari lalu diajarkan kepada orang lain dan terus disebarkannya. Anak-anak yang soleh yang ditinggalkan. Al-Quran yang diwariskan atau masjid-masjid yang dibinanya atau rumah-rumah musafir diperjalanan yang didirikannya atau anak-anak sungai yang dialirinya atau sedekah yang dikeluarkan daripada hartanya ketika sihat dan hidupnya yang berterusan selepas kematiannya. (HR Ibnu Majah)

Terima kasih di atas sokongan kepada pihak kami yg masih mentah ini.

Selamat menjamu mata....

Friday, March 8, 2013


The Gentle Birthing Group, together with Tiny Tapir and Ibu Family Resource Group would like to Celebrate the miracle of Birth and the blessings of Motherhood!

Please join us in celebrating this significant day and in celebration of mothers and babies!


Meeting Room1:-
100-1045 - Rest & Rejuvenation for the New Mum by Gina Yong
1100-1145- HypnoBirthing by Bee Ting Ng, HBCE
1200-1245- Baby Nutrition and its Effects on the Next Generations by Farah Rahim
1300-1400- LUNCH & Zohor prayers
1400-1445- Breastfeeding is Fitrah by Nor Kamariah Alwi, IBCLC
1530-1700- "Dignity in Birth" Forum
1700-1900- "Face of Birth" International Film Screening

Room 2 (Bar area):-
1000-1045- Birth as a form of Ibadah (AMANI birth preview) by Al- Amirah Najwa
1100-1145- Baby Signing by Hanz Jamaludin
1200-1245- Five Ways to Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life by Ann Ibrahim
1300-1345- TED talk: 90 seconds to change the world; Delayed Cord Clamping and Its Benefits - Video & Discussion
1400-1500- Inspiring Mothers, Overcoming the Odds by Nadiah Noor & Siti Al'Izzah
1800-1900- Doula & Positions in Labour by Karin Heinimann

Room 3/ Workshop Area (in Open Room):-
1000-1100- Prenatal Yoga by Jacqueline Koay
1100-1145- Birth Plan Workshop by Joanna Cheryan
1200-1245- Babywearing Demo by Tiny Tapir
1700-1800- Mummy & Baby Pilates by Joanne Ho

Room 4/ Birth Simulation Room (Next to Bar area):-
Throughout the Day - Birth Videos
1200-1300- Inspiring Mothers, Inspiring Births by Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy and Noha Yatim
1400-1445- Dad's Role in Pregnancy & Birth by Azli b Long Chik, Rizal b Azmi, Ajwad Zaini, and Saufy Rohmad.
1500-1530- Kids Story-telling session by Ann
1700-1730- Kids Story-telling session by Ann

Kids Area (in Open Room):-
Throughout the day - Bouncy Castle & Toddler Play area
1200-1400- Canvas Bag Coloring
1400-1500- Face Painting

Foyer Area (in Open Room):
Registration Desk - all day
1000-1130- Cloth Diaper & Babycarrier swap

Sponsors Area (Walkway to Bar area):

**Please register your attendance here now!!:

Early bird fee is RM10 per adult (RM25 walk-in).

Children under 13 go in for free.

**Hurry! The first 50 participants to register get goodie bags (per party)!!***

Check out for more details

Notes about the venue:
1. RM3 flat rate for participants of the Birth Forum. Just get your ticket validated at the Parking Booth before exiting.
2. The nearest public transportation is Monorail Chow Kit Station and LRT Titiwangsa Station. You would still need to take a cab (5 minutes) or walk to the hotel (10 minutes).
3. Food and Beverage would be available for purchase at the hotel's cafe for reasonable prices.
4. Surau is available at the hotel. We advise you to bring your own telekungs.

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